Wednesday, November 28, 2012

From The Girl Who Saw Death

There's a memory machine she always carries and last night her new guardian of ghosts offered to wipe out the memory. It made her pause and open Death's  untouched files in this machine.

There, another  untold story of sufferance.  She feels sad about how bad she and it all was, nods, and says to the Pie beside her: Always the differences in things in all that silence.

For example, Death was putting the girl through the Single's test on she-loves-me-if-she-opens-the-driver's-door-from-the-inside. Well, the girl almost snorts but laughs instead to Pie, New cars and the automated lock system. You keep unlocking the driver's door from the inside and eventually that would wreck the system. Besides, the girl sighs, Death reprimanded me about that already.  

The girl laughs to Pie, Even Death gets sucked into the reel of  movies. And then there was Death who would always drive carefully because the girl would never wear her seat-belt for it choked her and said that she trusted Death's driving.

Really, what was the girl thinking trusting Death on the wheel? Then again she did. Then again she loved Death.   And so was killed, and so she died.

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